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Nature restoration at scale.

Restore is the specialist nature restoration organisation run by Benedict Macdonald.  Working across a portfolio of 50,000 acres, Restore is the service provider to landowners seeking ambitious 10+ year ecological restoration projects on their land, whether in the farmed or wilder environment.

Restore specialises in long-term ecological restoration for landowners, providing vision reports and comprehensive management services to steer 30+ year positive outcomes for significant nature restoration and natural capital uplift.
Restore will officially launch as a company and brand on 1st January 2024 but please contact Benedict Macdonald for more information about how Restore can help your land back to life.
If you’d like more information on restoring your land, please get in touch with CEO Benedict Macdonald…

Restore is the only land agency and management company taking landowners on a complete journey of ecological restoration.

Benedict Macdonald's Books

Discover Ben's 3 Award-winning Books

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Dalmatian Pelican

Since writing Rebirding, Ben has continued to advocate for accelerating the process of returning native species where habitat is suitable.

He is currently engaged with a working group on Dalmatian Pelicans as well as general reintroduction legislation.


Whilst a staunch advocate of ecosystem restoration in suitable large areas of the UK, 

Ben also takes a keen interest in campaigns to save old orchards and integrate species like beavers into the farmed environment, as well as blending rewilded areas into farmed ones.

Red Deer

Ben is a recognised field leader in helping landowners restore nature at scale, in both the farmed and wilder landscapes of the UK. 

He now works across the UK, turning this vision into a reality alongside landowners, farmers and estate managers.

Restoring Life